How Beginners Learn to Paint The Interior of a Home?

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Have you started off properly by buying a quality brush? The following items will help you to do the job correctly. Please do not buy cheap tools, or you will make this job more stressful then it needs to be, don’t forget that painting should be fun and calming.
1. You will need three putty knives for filling holes and cracks, I like using two, 4" metal knifes for larger imperfections and holes , and one 1" knife for small nail holes and getting in tight places.
2. You will need a bucket of all purpose drywall compound. This product sands extremely well and it will give you a smooth desirable finish. I do not recommend using spackle or any light weight fillers because they do not sand very well.
3. You will need sand paper and a sanding sponge. These will be used to sand all your drywall repairs. If you would like an extremely nice finish I recommend purchasing a pole sander so that you can sand from the top of the wall to the bottom.
4. You will need a quality plastic tray to poor all the paint in so it can be rolled onto the walls, I say plastic because I prefer them myself , granted metals ones work too but the roller doesn't seem to turn as well in the tray.
5. You will need a roller cage. Make sure it is a solid one, the frame should be very stiff and not flexible.
6. NEVER purchase an all in one kit , that includes all of the above materials, the $5.99 price tag is hard to turn down, but the pain and agony you will go through will only deter you from doing more work in the future.
7. You will need some drop sheets, I recommend you starting off with one 12x4 for doing all your wall areas, and one 15x15 for doing any ceiling areas, this would be adequate for starting out , you can always buy more in the future.(all sizes approximate)
8. You will need a painting pole , I recommend a 2 ft pole that turns into a 4 ft
 pole, this is an all around pole, it is fine for walls , and ceilings.
9. You will need roller sleeves, in Vancouver, Canada, BC they are measured in millimeters, ranging from 5mm to 40mm, I say that because in the USA they are measured in inches. The most common for walls and smooth ceilings are 10mm or 15mm, use a 20mm to 30mm for textured ceilings, and use a 5mm for a smooth finish on doors.
10. You will need a couple of rolls of 1 inch masking tape, preferable the tape that is blue in color, or white that has a waxy coating on the outside. These will be used for masking the top of the baseboard after its painted.
These will be the basic tools you will need to do a nice job on almost any household painting project, obviously there are many other things you could purchase over time , but these will get the job done for now. Do not fall for any gimmicks out there, painters have been painting the same way for hundreds of years, if these gimmicky items actually worked and gave you a proper finish , don't you think we would be using them?

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How Beginners Learn to Paint The Interior of a Home?

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This article was published on 2010/05/19